• What happens to my horse once it enters quarantine at The ARK?

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    The USDA requires a minimum 3-day quarantine for all horses entering the United States. Horses are delivered “airside” of The ARK facility and are led directly into the facility by our trained grooms and veterinary staff. They will be examined and their health checked then led into an expansive 12′ x 12′ stall with special non-slip flooring, 100% air transfer, bedding, fresh hay, and water. Any special requests for food or care are administered. All horses microchipped will be recorded and/or ID generated to ensure identity. After the USDA clears your horse, we communicate with your transportation and pickup of the horse “landside,” where it may head to its final destination.

  • I'm flying with my pet internationally. What paperwork or health certificate do I need to complete?

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    Consult the USDA APHIS Pet Travel website for information on the United States and other foreign countries.

  • I’d like my pet shipper to arrange for my pet to be cared for at The ARK if it is traveling by air cargo or as checked baggage (underneath a passenger plane). How do I arrange for this?

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    Have your shipper contact The ARK so we can make a reservation for a kennel if your pet has a layover at JFK or its final destination is JFK.

  • How do I know if my pet crate is adequate for flying?

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    Airlines require a high quality, regulated size crate so that your animal can move around comfortably. It must be constructed of a durable material, with a functioning lock mechanism. Consult the IATA Traveler’s Pet Corner or call ARK Pet Oasis for more information: (212) 973-8275.

  • Should I tranquilize or sedate my pet for long flights?

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    It is recommended not to give tranquilizers to your pet when traveling by air because it can suppress the respiratory system and increase heart problems.
  • Is there a breed restriction for animals traveling as checked baggage or cargo?

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    Yes, check your airline for specific breeds. Most “snub nose” breeds are commonly not allowed to fly and may include: Boxer, Boston Terrier, Brussels Griffin, Bulldog breeds, Cane Corso, Chow Chow, Pitbull, Pugs, Shari-Pei, Burmese, Himalayan, Persian, Exotic Shorthair and/or includes any breed mix.

  • Should I leave a collar on my pet?

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    No. The collar should be removed and attached to the outside of the crate. This allows the animal to breathe easier and prevents injury, should anything become stuck or attached to the collar.

  • Will my pet have food and water during the journey?

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    Food is not provided on the plane due to high risk of choking. Pets are fed half the amount of food a few hours before departure (at ARK Pet Oasis). Water is provided but not overfilled as it can spill and make the pet crate wet and uncomfortable for your animal during the flight. You may attach extra food and water to the outside of the crate for your pet’s journey and any special instructions.

  • Can my pets travel together?

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    It is not advised that pets travel together but in some situations USDA APHIS and IATA Live Animal Regulations will allow for (2) pets to travel together that are the same species, under six months of age, and/or weigh less then 20lbs.
  • Can I send personal belongings with my pet?

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    Items cannot be placed inside the crate with your pet. Food, water, leash and collar are all placed on the outside of the crate.
  • Which countries are rabies free?

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    Check the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention website below for all rabies free countries:


  • Can I obtain my pet's health certificate at any time for travel?

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    No, a health certificate must be issued within 10 days of travel. Check the website below for the information you will need for your pet’s health certificate:


  • Can I rent a shipping crate?

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    No. Your pet needs to be sized to the proper crate for his/her height and length. You can purchase one at your local pet store, online, or from ARK Pet Oasis.
  • Does my pet need any permanent identification to travel?

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    Microchipping is currently the most acceptable and permanent animal identification system. Most countries require it and ARK Pet Oasis recommends to have a microchip implanted for any animal traveling.