JFK international Airport Full-Scale Emergency Drill

These drills are important for airport staff and aircraft crew to understand and be prepared for what a real emergency could feel like and the necessary action to take.

ARK Ambassador Messina

Messina was introduced to The ARK family in 2016 when owner, Susan J. Bruns, took a job managing the Export Barn. When Bruns moved to New York, she brought along her 4-legged family members: Messina (horse), Sage (dog), and her two cats. Messina, the Hanoverian Mare, was boarded in The ARK’s luxury export barn while Bruns searched for a boarding barn that Messina can call home. It came to a surprise to our entire team when Susan suddenly passed away in late February from an aortic aneurysm. Before her passing, Susan had been preparing herself and Messina to begin riding and training after their time off. We knew we had to not only find a good home for Messina, but also an enrichment and exercise program to get her back in shape. Come Spring 2017, Messina found a home at Blue Ribbon Farm, a dressage training facility in Calverton, New York. A young rider without the means to own her own horse was chosen to train and compete with Messina through sponsorship by The ARK.

A group of of ARK workers stand in front of a horse on a ranch
Kids walking on JFK tarmac to the ARK facility

JFK Bring Your Child to Work Day

JFK International Airport hosted a tour for children during the annual Bring your sons and daughters to work day 2017. Included in the tour was a sneak peek into The ARK at JFK’s Export Barn and ARK Pet Oasis. Children had fun with activities, learning how animals fly, a virtual veterinary examination, and meeting ARK Ambassadors Aiden and Messina

SPCAI – Global Animal Rescue

The ARK partners with SPCA International to support “Operation Baghdad Pups” – No buddy gets left behind. When our U.S. soldiers are deployed overseas, it is not uncommon that they come across a dog or cat who makes a difference in their life and time while deployed. These soldiers feed and provide care for these homeless animals and develop relationships that can last a lifetime. Unfortunately, our soldiers do not have a way or means to bring home their befriended animals, and that’s where SPCAI steps in. With Operation Baghdad Pups, SPCA helps rescue and transport patriot pets to the soldier’s homes. These animals make an international journey, stopping at one of the major hubs, JFK International Airport, for a rest before making their way home within the United States. We are proud to care for these animals who are overjoyed when reunited with their service moms and dads.